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Nathaniel Gray n8gray at caltech.edu
Mon Jul 24 21:34:48 UTC 2006

Jason Dagit wrote:
> On 7/20/06, Nathaniel Gray <n8gray at caltech.edu> wrote:
>> I think that would do it.  That would allow me to do 'darcs changes
>> --last $N_PATCHES' in the posthook to generate a nice log message.
> I don't think this would be hard to implement (famous last words...)
> and could possibly serve as good introduction to haskell/darcs.  Are
> you interested in trying to implement this?  Maybe I could help
> advise...

I would be willing to take a shot at it.  I have never written any 
haskell, but I've written quite a bit of ocaml so I'm not a complete 
stranger to functional programming.  I've got the code for 1.0.8, but I 
can update to the development version if necessary.

I was just about to start talking code, but perhaps we should move this 
to darcs-devel, where it might be more on-topic.

>> So are you saying you sent the full output of 'darcs changes' with every
>> e-mail?  doesn't that get pretty long?
> I truncated the list in the email to 10 patches and provided a link to
> the rss feed which contained the entire change log.  I can send you my
> post-hook and my xsl file in the next few days (at work right now but
> I should be able to take care of it this evening or next).

I would definitely be interested in those resources.


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