[darcs-users] Move many darcs repo to one central location

Joseph Le-Phan five0.oss at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 18:29:21 UTC 2006

    I'm currently using darcs as follows:

    I've moved all of my ~/ config files to a repo directory, and created
    symlinks from ~/ to them (for example ~/.emacs is a symlink to
    ~/repo/configs/dot.emacs) and ~/repo/configs/dot.emacs is in a repo at

    Similarly, with my executable scripts, ~/repo/scripts/_darcs exists.

    I was wondering if I could create a ~/_darcs that integrated both
    ~/repo/configs/_darcs and ~/repo/scripts/_darcs.

    Essentially, what i'm after is a tool that can merge separate
    _darcs' into one _darcs, taking care of paths and such issues.

Joseph Le-Phan <five0.oss at gmail.com> [GPG key: 292E09A0]

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