[darcs-users] "Partial" patch application

Vyacheslav Akhmechet coffeemug at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 14:39:13 UTC 2006

Is there a way to partially apply a patch?

I have a set of files, say a.txt, b.txt in my production branch. I also
added c.txt to my development branch. Now, I made a change to all three of
these files. I want to propagate it to my production branch.
I can't apply the patch to the production branch until I apply the patch
that added c.txt. It's a natural dependency. However, what I'd like to do is
apply the patch to a.txt, and b.txt without adding c.txt to the production

One obvious solution is to revert and record separate patches so there is no
dependency. However, this is complicated in my case. Can I do partial patch

 - Slava.
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