[darcs-users] "Partial" patch application

Korusef korusef at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 15:18:00 UTC 2006

On 7/31/06, Vyacheslav Akhmechet <coffeemug at gmail.com> wrote:
> that added c.txt. It's a natural dependency. However, what I'd like to do is
> apply the patch to a.txt, and b.txt without adding c.txt to the production
> branch.
> One obvious solution is to revert and record separate patches so there is no
> dependency. However, this is complicated in my case. Can I do partial patch
> application?

I would prefer new unsafe command, that would split patches in
repository so that they affect only one file.
Preferably it'll have the same summary and comment, and just append ":
<file>" to the summary.

Zdravi Korusef [Libor Dener]
            (: CauCau :)

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