[darcs-users] New long comments behavior under w2k doesn't work with my editor

Richard A. Smith rsmith at bitworks-inc.com
Mon Jul 31 16:20:24 UTC 2006

Tommy Pettersson wrote:

> Did you also upgrade or change any settings in ultraedit? I
> can't find any obvious change in darcs between 1.0.5rc1 and
> 1.0.8, but a few things regarding long comments has changed, so
> it can very well be a darcs thing.

Something must have changed and apparently its getting worse.  I can't 
seem to duplicate the orginal behavior anymore.  With darcs 1.0.5rc1 or 
just calling uedit32 from the command line.  Weird.  I've no clue what 
could have changed.  I've not upgraded ultraedit or made any changes 
that I can think of.

> When darcs invokes the editor, it just sits and wait for it to
> exit, and then grabs the file to see if it was changed. It is
> possible that ultraedit detects an already running instance,

Thats the behavior ultraedit has always had.  I always thought it was 
darcs doing something special in the exec that made uedit create a new 
process rather than a just a new file instance.

I don't see any nifty uedit command line options that force a new instance.

Bizzare.  Well thanks for looking at that for me. Sorry to make you look 
for something in darcs that really seems to be something local.

Guess I'll have to make darcs call notepad or something else.

Richard A. Smith
Bitworks, Inc

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