[darcs-users] New long comments behavior under w2k doesn't work with my editor

Richard A. Smith rsmith at bitworks-inc.com
Mon Jul 31 23:11:35 UTC 2006

Eric Y. Kow wrote:

> 2. compile it, say ghc runAndWait.hs -o runAndWait
> 3. set DARCS_EDITOR to runAndWait
> --eric
> P.S. if you feel Haskell is overkill for this, of course, write a 
>      batch file or something :-)

More of a issue of if I can get ghc working on my windows box.  I've yet 
to try and compile any haskell on windows.  Seems like a good exercise 
for the reader.

If not then I'll write a batch file for it.  Which is a really good idea 
BTW.  Much simpler than installing an entire new editor just for darcs 
long comments.  :)

Richard A. Smith
Bitworks, Inc

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