[darcs-users] re-converting repo from ArX

trb at categorical.net trb at categorical.net
Thu Jan 4 22:42:46 UTC 2007

In the days before arch2darcs, I "converted" some projects from ArX by just
dropping the source tree into darcs (without the history). Now, after recording
new patches, I would like to use arch2darcs to recover the ArX history, and would
appreciate comments on whether my technique is viable.

The original "conversion" produced one large patch. If I had used arch2darcs in
the first place, then instead of the large patch, I would have a series of small
patches from the conversion, and the aggregate effect of these small patches
would equal that of the large patch. Therefore I think I should be able to use
arch2darcs to produce the small patches, and then edit a copy of the current
repository, and replace the large patch, in its inventory, with the series of
small patches (copy the replacement patches into _darcs/patches and replace the
relevant entry in _darcs/inventory).

(I realise this could be bad if other people had pulled the patch being
replaced, but in my case I doubt this will be a problem.)

Can anyone confirm that I should be able to get away with editing a repo so as
to replace a patch by a series of patches that have the same effect ?


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