[darcs-users] conflict or no

Kauker, Hubert Hubert.Kauker at travelbasys.de
Wed Jan 10 07:15:04 UTC 2007

Hello darcs.

This is probably a typical beginner's question.
I posted a similar question at the end of December, but it seems it got

Suppose two developers have local branches of a repository and working in
parallel they insert new lines into a file near the top and near the bottom,

By what I have learnt so far, darcs will let them both do a push operation
successfully and not report a conflict.

To me this is worrying.
Here I have an example.

    <h1>Hello Darcs</h1>

  <!-- developer A -->
    <script>alert( "Hello Darcs" )</script>
    <h1>Hello Darcs</h1>
    <!-- developer B -->
    <script>alert( "Hello Darcs" )</script>

So, instead of one alert popup, as the developer's intention might be, the
deployed file will produce two of them.
In this example the effect is harmless.
But other examples spring to mind in which different modifications will
interfere which each other much more severely.

Is there an option which makes darcs report a conflict in this case?

Or is there some workflow which helps me to avoid that situation?



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