AW: [darcs-users] conflict or no

Kauker, Hubert Hubert.Kauker at
Mon Jan 15 17:04:21 UTC 2007


> That's an interesting point. I'm sure this is one reason why typical
> source control systems don't allow two developers to work on one file
> at the same time. 

Would it be reasonable for darcs to have an option to support such "typical"
behavior, too?

> But consider that the same sort of thing could happen even if two
> developers were working on two different files -- call them fileA and
> fileB.

Yes, quite true. But such cases are far less likely than accidentally
working on the same file.

> A source control system can only guard against corruption or confusion
> of text -- not against corruption or confusion of meaning.

Hm, yeah.
There is certainly no protection against mental confusion. :-)

But anyhow, working on the *same* file is so exceedingly common that I would
not call it confusion. Just weakness, say, or maybe oversight, or neglect,
or neccessity. Whatever.

Some compatibility option might turn out to be very useful.
Just to enable a more "defensive" style of work.


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