[darcs-users] darcs check

trb at categorical.net trb at categorical.net
Tue Jan 16 00:39:49 UTC 2007

Juliusz Chroboczek writes:
 > > I mean self-inconsistent (e.g. the behaviour I described in my
 > > message about Issue365, makes a repository invent previously
 > > non-existent pending changes). Suppose a repository had been
 > > tampered with in a Byzantine way, but subsequently passed 'darcs
 > > check'. It could well have been modified, and might no longer be
 > > consistent with other repositories, but I would hope that it would
 > > still be self-consistent (by virtue of having passed 'darcs check').
 > Darcs check verifies that the sequence of patches since the last
 > checkpoint can be applied, and that the result matches the pristine
 > cache.

Perhaps it should also check that the result of applying the sequence of patches
does not include a non-empty set of pending changes. I have a repo where pulling
all its patches (into a fresh repo) produces spurious pending changes, even
though the repos pass 'darcs check'


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