[darcs-users] When patches are modified?

Pekka Pessi ppessi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 21:47:58 UTC 2007

darcs (to be precise, 1.0.9~rc1 on Debian Etch and/or Ubuntu Feisty)
seems to add 'merger' things to patches sometimes.

When they are added (pull, apply, optimize, something else)?

Why adding stuff  to patch (merger things) or modifying it (the hunk
line numbers) does not change the date/hash of the patch? I mean, it
is not the same patch anymore, so why pretend it is?

Is this bug or a feature?

Most importantly, how I can get rid of the mergers? It is bloody
annoying when rollback does not and pulling "same" patches through
different repos result in different results. Also, darcs check
--complete does not complain when patch and its rollback are

Pekka.Pessi mail at nokia.com

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