[darcs-users] [ANNOUNCE] darcs-fast-export

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at frugalware.org
Tue Nov 11 01:53:13 UTC 2008


I'm happy to announce a small project I recently stated to work on. It's
a darcs backend for fast importers.

This means that it allows you to export patches/commits from a darcs
repo and import to any version control system where a fast importer is

Current features:

- According to its name, it tries to be really fast, even for large

- Independent. It has been tested with git fast-import, hg fastimport
  and bzr fast-import. (Let me know if you know other fast-importers!)

- It supports both (darcs1 and darcs2) darcs repo formats.

- It supports incremental conversions.

More info on the homepage:


Including a list of alternatives, where I try to compare them to

Any feedback or comment is appreciated.

I'm not on the bazaar and the mercurial list, so there please CC me.

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