[darcs-users] darcs patch: Add copyright information to .hs files.

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 22:33:36 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 01:22:51PM -0400, David Roundy wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 1:17 PM, Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> wrote:
> > On Sun, Oct 05, 2008 at 15:32:09 +1100, Trent W.Buck wrote:
> >> Here's a demonstration of an entirely scripted approach to just dump
> >> copyright information into files based on their darcs metadata.
> >
> > Quick comment: the script src/list_authors.hs has some code which maps
> > email addresses in darcs changes (on the darcs repository) to canonical
> > names.
> I'm not excited about this patch (automatically adding copyright
> statements), and am unsure whether I'd want to accept it even if it
> were fixed.  The point of copyright statements is for authors to
> assert their interest, so far as I can see, and each author really
> should have control over his/her own copyright statements.  

AIUI copyright declarations are a convenience to users (of the work); 
it lets them know who they need to contact to get a license for 
<whatever> -- for example, an openssl exception.  I guess for the darcs 
repository, _darcs serves this purpose.

> But it certainly doesn't make sense to go in without removing
> duplicates, etc, and concatenating together contributions from
> multiple years.

Agreed; this was just something I pushed out in a few deciminutes; if I 
was going to submit a patch for actual inclusion, I'd spend time 
aggregating the years and such.

What I think is more important is to add license declarations, and if 
kowey's openssl exception list can be taken as gpl2+ w/exception 
agreements, a similar technique to the one I used for this patch could 
be used to add license declarations to files that have definitely been 
modified only by people who agreed to that license.

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