[darcs-users] darcs patch: change a bit of code to accept FilePathL... (and 2 more)

David Roundy droundy at darcs.net
Wed Oct 8 17:42:34 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Here's a pretty major refactor to the Darcs.Match module, which
reduces its number of exports and moves the store-in-memory logic into
Darcs.Match so it's easier (and safer) to use.  It's motivated by
Stephen's patch to Dist, which demonstrated how ugly some of this
stuff was.

A second naming refactor might be worthwhile, since the "_s" functions
(which are now private) no longer relate to the SlurpMonad, so their
name is even worse.  But it's not so very bad as they aren't exported.

I'll be waiting to push this until after the release.  I've got almost
a dozen such patches in the queue now...


Wed Oct  8 13:20:47 EDT 2008  David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>
  * change a bit of code to accept FilePathLike arguments.
  These functions really should expect FileName, and this is an
  incremental move in that direction.

Wed Oct  8 13:22:07 EDT 2008  David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>
  * make writeSlurpy work properly when given "."
  This isn't a bugfix per se, but rather a feature addition.
  writeSlurpy has a "safety feature" that it refuses to overwrite a
  directory, but that safety feature doesn't really apply to the
  directory ".", since "." explicitly means that we want to overwrite
  the directory.

Wed Oct  8 13:27:48 EDT 2008  David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net>
  * refactor Match to handle --store-in-memory itself.
  This reduces the amount of duplicate code, at the cost of adding a
  class to Darcs.Match--but at least it isn't exported.

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