[darcs-users] darcs patch: Ignore junk more conservatively. (and 1 more)

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Wed Oct 8 21:24:15 UTC 2008

On Oct 8, 2008, at 15:01 PM, Jason Dagit wrote:

> One final note, I would prefer if the user-defined attributes had  
> their own place in the patch format, but I seem to be the only  
> person who feels strongly about it.  So, I guess putting it into  
> the comment field is OK for now.

I would, too.  They are not, to my mind, "comments" or parts of  

However, older versions of darcs (including, I suppose, darcs 2.1.0)  
would fail if asked to process a patch which had an unrecognized  

Wouldn't it?

I haven't tested this or read the relevant source code -- I just  
assumed that it is true.


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