[darcs-users] What's wrong with darcs on Solaris-based buildbots?

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at centrum.cz
Thu Oct 9 09:19:09 UTC 2008

Eric Kow wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 21:52:09 +0200, Karel Gardas wrote:
>> The problem here is that buildbot tries to delete directory with 444
>> permissions. That's going to fail on both Solaris and OpenBSD. My
>> assumption is that it runs well on Linux, but on Unix you probably need
>> writing permission for it. Perhaps test suite might be fixed when
>> creating and testing with 444 perms directory to chmod it later to
>> writing mode? Or that's my feeling about this issue so far w/o any
>> further investigation except looking into the problematic directory.
> I've sent a patch to do this cleanup in the test harness.  In the
> meantime, it might be useful if you have a look at
>   tests/issue595_get_permissions.sh
>   ( darcs get http://darcs.net/unstable )
> and suggest some reasons why it might be failing

Ah, now I see darcs does have unstable branch again. BTW: all tests run
fine on stable branch. Anyway, I'm curious from which branch exactly
upcoming 2.1.0 is going to be made?

I'll try to look at this permission issue anyway...


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