[darcs-users] TortoiseDarcs and Darcs 2 Hashed Repos

Grant Husbands darcsusers at grant.x43.net
Thu Oct 9 16:53:10 UTC 2008

How feasible would it be for Darcs 2 to store a 
filename->(hash,timestamp) mapping in a text file somewhere in the 
_darcs folder?  It would be very useful for TortoiseDarcs.

We're willing to do the necessary work, but we would really appreciate 
some hints as to where's best to insert the necessary code and whether 
it's a good idea and would be accepted.

We want to make TortoiseDarcs (the Windows Explorer darcs interface) 
work with Darcs 2 Hashed-format repos. This might sound familiar, as we 
aren't the first to ask questions in this area.

Now, the current TortoiseDarcs supports the darcs 1 pristine cache, 
which has the advantage that we can trivially find the pristine copy of 
a file and can compare the modified time of it to the modified time of 
the associated file, to know whether a file might have changed.

If it's at all possible, we want to avoid spawning a copy of Darcs each 
time we want a file-listing in Explorer, which is why it would be ideal 
for darcs to maintain the information in an easily-accessible file. The 
timestamp is so that TortoiseDarcs can compare that to the modification 
time of the file in the working directory and avoid having TortoiseDarcs 
read all of the files just to find out whether they're likely to have 

Is there a better way?

Grant Husbands.

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