[darcs-users] type witnesses : System.Posix.Files does not export createLink

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Fri Oct 10 10:28:33 UTC 2008

Looks like Windows buildbot did another good deed today.
It found this error when trying to compile darcs with witnesses.

PATH=".:$PATH" darcs changes --context | cat config.command - \
                | ./stringify Context context > src/Context.hs
perl release/determine_release_state.pl 2.1.0 > release/STATE
Rebuild dependencies ...
[ghc] src/ThisVersion.o
[ghc] src/Autoconf.o
[ghc] src/Workaround.o
[ghc] src/Darcs/RepoPath.o
compilation IS NOT required
[ghc] src/Darcs/SignalHandler.o
[ghc] src/Darcs/Utils.o
compilation IS NOT required
[ghc] src/Darcs/Compat.o
[ghc] src/Darcs/Lock.o
[ghc] src/URL.o
compilation IS NOT required
[ghc] src/Ssh.o
[ghc] src/Darcs/Flags.o
compilation IS NOT required
[ghc] src/Darcs/External.o

    Module `System.Posix.Files' does not export `createLink'
make: *** [src/Darcs/External.o] Error 1

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