[darcs-users] Adding a 'last regrets' question after patch selection

Ben Franksen benjamin.franksen at bessy.de
Sun Oct 12 01:01:05 UTC 2008

Florent Becker wrote:
> our patch selection mechanism is very fine, but I feel it should give a
> 'last exit before hell question' at the end, so that you can review your
> patch selection before commiting to whatever action it is you're
> doing. Let me explain: suppose you are sending to a repository. You have
> three new patches: a b c, with c depending on b. You will have the
> following interaction with darcs:
>  'do you want to send a?' -> y
>  'do you want to send b?' -> n
>  'congratulations, you've sent a alone.' -> wtf?
> This is especially frustrating and error-prone if b and c are big
> patches with subtle dependencies. One answer is to use 'w', but it is
> not satisfying: you are offering darcs the power to select patches for
> you, but you forfeit the occasion to see which patches you will
> effectively send/push/pull/… There again, if you're not sure about
> dependencies between patches, this is very error prone and confusing.
> That's why i propose to add a question after the last patch has been
> selected, as follows:
> do you want to <verb> these <things>? [ynvpsrm]
> With
> y: yes, go on
> n: no, cancel
> v: view
> p: view in a pager
> s: write the output of v to a file and quit
> r: restart the selection process
> m: modify the selection
> m is hard to implement, but as a first approximation, we could just go
> back to the last patch question and let the user use j/k.
> s would be very powerful coupled with a --read-selection-from-file
> flag. You could then save your selection to a file and edit it to
> fine-tune it. In particular, in record, this would allow you to split
> hunks.
> Commands could add more specialized answers to that question: for
> example, send could propose to edit the mail, or cc: someone, and so on.

+1 to these proposals. I have often missed this.


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