[darcs-users] Hooray! The Windows buildbot is green! Send more buildbots!

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Mon Oct 13 23:28:14 UTC 2008


Thanks to David Roundy, Eric Kow, and the other folks who fixed all  
the bugs in the unit tests on Windows.

Now, if David commits a patch which causes the Windows unit tests to  
turn from green to red, then buildbot will send a note about that  
regression to the darcs-devel mailing list.

The same is true for the other platforms, of course.

If anyone would like to contribute a buildbot on a platform which  
currently doesn't have one, I would be happy to add it to the  
waterfall.  Currently we have four flavors of Linux, three version of  
Mac OS X, two flavors of Solaris, one OpenBSD and one Windows (using  
cygwin to execute the test code).


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