[darcs-users] Windows binaries for 2.1.0

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Oct 14 15:49:33 UTC 2008

>> Upgrade! Binary versions should be available shortly, either from  
>> your
>> favourite package distributor or by third party contributors.
> And on that note... are there Windows binaries available for 2.1.0?

I used to take Will Glozer's builds of Windows binaries and package  
them up with scripts and docs and putty executables -- that's what  
you can find here in version 2.0.0:


I no longer want to spend the time doing that packaging work, but I  
am interested in configuring the Windows buildbot to do it  
automatically.  I've already scripted it -- there is a script named  
"buildpkg.sh" which copies the darcs executable, the putty  
executables, the docs, and the scripts together into a .zip file or  
a .tar.bz2 file of the kind described on that page.

Now if only I could find that script...



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