[darcs-users] Windows binaries for 2.1.0

Alistair Bayley alistair at abayley.org
Wed Oct 15 12:24:49 UTC 2008

2008/10/14 zooko <zooko at zooko.com>:
>> And on that note... are there Windows binaries available for 2.1.0?
> I used to take Will Glozer's builds of Windows binaries and package them up
> with scripts and docs and putty executables -- that's what you can find here
> in version 2.0.0:

I tried 2.0.0, but darcs help failed with "removeFile: permission
denied"  (and leaves the file for me to clean up). So I thought I'd
look for 2.1.0. I just need darcs.exe, as I already have the putty
stuff. Can I get it from the Windows buildbot?


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