[darcs-users] Professional darcs server

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 22:38:51 UTC 2008

 >> Just a sugestion: I think it would be nice if we had some kind
 >> of professional darcs server. I just saw github.com, where they
 >> offer free git hosting for open source and paid git hosting for
 >> private projects. (...)
 > Thanks for your suggestion!  I am currently working with Dave
 > Walker to set up some sort of free darcs hosting.  Dave is a
 > free software enthusiast who runs a small UK-based (near
 > Brighton) ISP.  (...)
 > This is pretty exciting stuff!  Note that because darcs 100%
 > volunteer-run, everything we accomplish in the project only
 > happens because of initiatives by people like you and me.  (...)

I tried a different approach. I liked darcs, I thought it works
well with good practices and badly with bad practices (this is
good, I think), and tried to bring it to my everyday life, which
is half made of professional work. In a money driven society, I
don't think it's wise to do ugly things for money and nice things
for free — we should try the best always.

But, really, if it's an exciting project, why not to do it for
money? That way, people and companies in need for security and
reliability for private projects will pay someone to do something
cool, and also support free software.

Thanks for your kind reply,

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