[darcs-users] Professional darcs server

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Fri Oct 17 09:07:07 UTC 2008

Eric Kow wrote:
  > So, I can tihnk of three pieces of software that we would need
> 1. basic hosting: managing new project and new user requests
> 2. forge: repository browsing, issue tracking, etc
> 3. social code: nice cross-project integration
>> On the other hand, it might be better to make use of existing repository 
>> browsers like Trac+darcs or Darcsweb...  I've been working on my own 
>> open source repository hosting software for years ("Darcsforge" [1]) 
>> which is planned to be nearly a full stack for darcs repository hosting; 
>> only it's not finished yet or really ready for prime time, but its open 
>> source and I'd appreciate anyone interested in contributing (it's 
>> Python, so a bit "easier" than Haskell).
>> Documentation: 
>> http://repos.worldmaker.net/darcsforge/main/docs/.build/html/index.html
> When you say a full stack, do you mean going all the way from #1 to #3?

Yes, that's always been my plan...  so far mostly bits of #2 and #3 are 
implemented, but there are stubs for #1 and plans/proposals/ideas for 
just about everything else...  I keep meaning to write down more of my 
plans and ideas, but I don't feel pressured to do so because thus far 
the only contributor to the project is me.

--Max Battcher--

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