[darcs-users] Ignored resources.

Lavir the Whiolet lavir.th.whiolet at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 19:03:47 UTC 2008

> > Sure, just don't "darcs add" those files and they won't get
> > pushed/pulled around.
> >
> I don't think he meant that.
> In many of the centralized VCS's, it's possible to get partial
> repository, and ignore big amounts of stuff you don't need. I'm not
> aware if any of the DVCS's can do that. With current hard disk sizes I
> don't need such a feature, but ten years ago I used it all the times.
> Kari

Yes, it's true. E. g., I want to pull "Resources" directory but I do
not want to pull "Resources/Films" directory (which may have size of
some terabytes while my laptop has less than 300 GB of disk space).

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