[darcs-users] Ignored resources.

Lavir the Whiolet lavir.th.whiolet at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 14:13:52 UTC 2008

> On the other hand, using darcs to manage terabytes of data is probably
> not a good idea at the moment.  Perhaps something like rsync or
> Unison is what you are looking for?

Thanks, I'll check them. But what I'm looking for in is one of
powerful features of Darcs: its repositories are distributed. That
means if I have 3 computers, I can synchronize between them as I want
(1 <-> 2, 1 <-> 3 or 2 <-> 3 at any time). Also Darcs tracks moving of
files inside of the working copy. So I thought to use Darcs without
its history keeping feature.

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