[darcs-users] Windows binaries for 2.1.0

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sun Oct 19 15:01:24 UTC 2008

On Oct 19, 2008, at 7:46 AM, Eric Kow wrote:

> If not, then I switch to plan C which is either to ask a third  
> party to
> host these binaries, or ask Zooko to configure the slaves so that each
> slave can upload to a different place (no single server).

That's pretty much already there:


The upload code takes a "target_scp_url":

def make_upload_factory(target_scp_url, actualbuilddir):
     f = factory.BuildFactory()
     return f

currently all upload builders use nooxie.zooko.com as that argument:

     uploadfactory = make_upload_factory 
("darcsbuildbotupload at nooxie.zooko.com:uploads/"+buildslave.slavename 
+"/", actualbuilddir=buildslave.slavename)

Instead you could replace that hardcoded string with something like  
buildslave.upload_target_scp_url and then have each buildslave  
(defined earlier in the file) have its own upload scp URL.


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