[darcs-users] one last Solaris test harness issue?

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Mon Oct 20 07:31:07 UTC 2008

Thanks for looking into this!

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 13:37:09 +1100, Trent W. Buck wrote:
>     else printf %s\\n *.'$5' | sort -r | xargs $6; fi
> or
>     else find -maxdepth 1 -name '*.$5' -exec $6 {} +; fi

Could you pull from http://darcs.net (the harness should now be simpler
with the Perl tests gone) and send a patch?  I guess we have to go with
the second one unless we decide to use bash in the makefile.  We will
soon be moving all of this into Haskell anyway, so it's probably not
worth thinking /too/ hard about this, but I don't know when we will
complete the transition.
> Does anyone know if $TEST_FILTER_FILE exists on the misbehaving host?

It probably does not; it's only meant for use by real people to restrict
what tests are being run (for convenience).  By rights, the buildbot
clobbers the darcs darcs directory each time.
> Given that the tests already require bash, is it possible to use SHELL
> := /bin/bash in GNUmakefile?  This would allow useful bashisms like
> the one greybot mentioned above.

Well, one disdavantage of doing this is that bash becomes necessary to
build darcs whereas before it was just a requirement for the tests.
Anyway, given the future move to Franchise, I suppose this isn't really
something we need to be working on too much.  Just enough to get those
buildbots green again!

> Incidentally, grumble about using @ to hide what is actually happening
> in makefiles.  It makes debugging makefiles from build daemons' dumps
> harder.

We could define something like $(SILENTLY) which expands to @ unless
VERBOSE mode is one (but then given the move to Franchise...)

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