[darcs-users] darcs patch: Import cabalisation: Setup.lhs, darcs.ca... (and 13 more)

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Mon Oct 20 07:43:46 UTC 2008

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 11:30:13 -0700, Jason Dagit wrote:
> Cool.  It's good to be talking about these on the public mailing list.

Yep! Some folks might find the discussion to be noisy, but if you would
bear with us a little longer, we will soon have a working build system
for Windows with no crazy Unixy tools!
> Which library does the installation?  If cabal is the one taking the risk of
> screwing up my system that makes me feel a lot better about running
> install.

For now it's franchise that's doing all of the work.  The patch
(actually the revised patch I sent later) brings us to a cabal/franchise
mix of 10/90.  I intend to post a summary in the original enfranchising
darcs thread.

> I'd also prefer if we could get cabal doing the build, if only
> because cabal has the nice feature of not cluttering src/ with intermediate
> files.  Maybe franchise has the feature and it's turned off by default?

This is evidence for the 'build systems are a timesink' argument for
what it's worth.
> > * Dependency information is ignored, and is provided on a purely advisory
> > basis only

> Hmm...then how is it calculated?  I guess I'll have to try it out to see.
> In particular ambiguity and conflict resolution between packages may be an
> issue.

I'm afraid I don't understand the question.  The Haskell package dependencies
are written by hand in the Cabal file and are simply not used, except maybe by

> >  * I disabled building the documentation for now because I would find setup
> >  hanging (?) on a pdfetex step
> Obviously you were busy with the rest of this, but have you had a chance to
> mention this to Duncan or put a bug in the cabal bug tracker?  Or is this a
> franchise bug?

If anything I'm betting this is a bug in our current Setup.hs.  Maybe
David will have ideas.
> If we're going to be serious about pushing franchise on people then we need
> to get serious about making a community website for it so that bug reports,
> feature requests, and user questions have an obvious place to go.

As David mentions,
Maybe a code.google.com page to get an issue tracker would be useful

> Ah, so I could still build with cabal just by renaming locally.  That's
> handy.  I don't have franchise installed.

Note that my less ambitious patch does not include a Setup.lhs for
Cabal.  If it goes in, I might submit one that puts a Setup-cabal.lhs in
the release/ directory.
> Looking here:
> http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/html/users_guide/separate-compilation.html#search-path
> It looks like -i resets the search path during compilation.  So are you
> saying, it's hard to have uninstalled code be part of Setup.hs unless it's
> actually at the same directory level or inside of Setup.hs?

I think I was mistaken and my troubles were due to using an older
version of cabal-install.  (Actually I had upgraded, but somehow
continued to use the older cabal-install) With cabal-install 0.5.2,
the Distribution.Darcs idea works.
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