[darcs-users] darcs patch: Hard-code darcs-2.1.0 ChangeLog entries. (and 2 more)

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Wed Oct 22 04:05:05 UTC 2008

Trent W. Buck wrote:
> Now, the way *I* would approach this problem would be to make a NEWS
> file that's a list of bullet points.  Just before each stable release
> (or pre-release), the release manager goes through all the patches
> since
> the last release, and manually writes a new section for the NEWS file.
> A final release would replace the preceding pre-release sections.

I believe that Eric still wants it to be semi-automated.  Darcs changes
generates a pretty nice change log and it is a good starting point for a
changes/news file.  It sounds to me that basically what Eric wants is
something like darcs changes -i that accumulates (appends/prepends) chosen
patches into a text file and additionally allow patch descriptions to be
edited at patch selection and finally drop the editor into the output file
so that any last tweaks can be performed...

I could write a quick and dirty script to do that in Python as a weekend
hack, but it might be more interesting as a "easy hack project" for someone
wishing to better learn Haskell (as a standalone project).  I think it might
be coolest as some sort of flag/set of flags on top of darcs changes -i
itself (something like --output=CHANGELOG or --prepend-file=NEWS or
--append-file=README), which I would bet would be an easier project within
darcs itself to hack on, but not as easy as building it standalone...

--Max Battcher--

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