[darcs-users] The new windows executable isn't usable for me.

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Thu Oct 23 15:50:10 UTC 2008


I didn't make clear in my earlier posts that this issue makes the  
buildbot-built version of darcs unusable on my Windows system here.   
minutes is just far too long to wait for a pull.  I could install  
mercurial and
switch from darcs to mercurial in eight minutes <wink>.)  Also, it  
appears that
if you move a server that you formerly used, so that its IP address  
accepting connections, then even worse delays happen.  This issue  
effects other platforms as well as Windows.

Just a heads-up, that I currently have no usable version of darcs for  
other than the old darcs-2.0.0 executable that's been up since April.

Perhaps this would be greatly improved by statically linking libcurl  
into the
darcs executable for Windows.  Hopefully the new work on cabal and/or  
and/or better makefile and/or better autoconf will make it easy  
enough to do
that even a lazy bum like me can do it on the windows buildbot.


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