[darcs-users] $DARCS in bugs/issue558_broken_pipe.sh

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 07:35:40 UTC 2008

twb> bugs/issue558_broken_pipe.sh refers to $DARCS but this is not 
twb> bound.  What's the appropriate fix?

C-Keen> is $DARCS supposed to be the binary?

twb> I imagine so.
twb> The error is "$DARCS init" ==> "init: not found in $PATH"

C-Keen> twb: maybe this is related to the last makefile patches?

twb> I'm [the one] writing those.
twb> I think I'm noticing merely because most people don't run the 

C-Keen> twb: tests/shell_harness seems to be wrong

twb> And because this test is SUPPOSED to fail, just differently

C-Keen> the put the right darcs in path part

twb> It's in the path.
twb> But "$DARCS" is not "darcs"

C-Keen> I think that is the wrong default

twb> Probably a few months ago, shell_harness used to set twb> 
DARCS=bin/darcs and then all scripts had to call $DARCS.  And then 
twb> someone just did PATH=$PWD/bin/:$PATH.  But nobody fixed the 
script twb> to call "darcs" instead of "$DARCS".  However, I don't 
want to just twb> make this change in case my guess is wrong.

C-Keen> I think you are right, the tests are definitely not 
C-Keen> Maybe we should have a test for the tests :)

twb> I think all tests should start out in a clean directory made 
by twb> mktemp -d, which is created for them by shell_harness.

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