[darcs-users] wiki updates

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Oct 25 00:23:10 UTC 2008

Indeed, some duplication is to be expected. I just think that even 
wearing our documentor hats we can take care to avoid the kind of 
duplication that doubles or triples our maintenance effort and leads to 
stale docs (which can be worse than no docs). Part of that is just being 
clear about what kind of docs we are keeping where.

Currently we have

- the darcs.net home page
- the wiki
- the user manual
- the api docs
- support sites (buildbot, code.haskell.org etc.)
- the blogosphere

As long as the first two are separate, I'd like to tie them a little 
more closely together. For example the wiki FrontPage didn't link to the 
darcs home page except way down at the bottom; now fixed. Also the blurb 
is on both the home page and the wiki; one of these is going to be stale 
or take maintenance time we could better spend elsewhere. I'd vote to 
largely remove it from the wiki page and direct first-time visitors to 
the home page for that info.

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