[darcs-users] Help with team upgrade on Windows

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sun Oct 26 16:54:44 UTC 2008

On Oct 26, 2008, at 8:21 AM, Yitzchak Gale wrote:

> 1. Which Windows binary should I deploy, and where
> do I get it? AFIK everyone is still 32bit XP for now,
> except one 32bit Vista user.

Please try this one:


> 2. What *simple* *fool-proof* instructions can I
> give to my users to deploy the upgrade? I do
> not have much help-desk time available in my
> schedule just now.

This depends on how they have gotten darcs-1 configured in the first  

If you deployed darcs-1 by using the predecessor zip file (which is,  
by the way, here:


), then following these instructions should not break anything:


> Other than deploying the binary, my main concern
> is avoiding problems with darcs finding the wrong
> copy of PuTTY or not finding the SSH agent.

I don't think it matters which copy of putty the darcs executable uses.

Please post to this list (<darcs-users at darcs.net>) if you have any  


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