[darcs-users] Help with team upgrade on Windows

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Mon Oct 27 09:25:53 UTC 2008

Simon Michael wrote:
>> See also
>> http://wiki.darcs.net/index.html/CategoryBinaries#head-
>> c7910dd98302946c671cf63cb62712589b392074

zooko wrote:
> This page shows a list of several alternative binaries.  This
> immediately violates Yitzchak Gale's #1 requirement, which was a
> simple, foolproof installation method.

It's OK, I understood that Simon meant that to be just for IT, not
to send out to everyone. Thanks for the heads-up though.

Assuming we can indeed deploy just the binary to unzip on top
of the old directory, then the next question becomes: which binary
should we deploy? Be conservative and deploy zooko's 2.0.0,
or be daring and deploy Simon's 2.0.2 with patches? IT likes to be
conservative, not daring. It is very costly if an unknown problem
turns up on something that you deployed to everyone in the company.
But on the other hand, pipelining (if it really does work well on
Windows) and the bug fixes are very tempting. Any opinions?


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