[darcs-users] darcs patch: refactor get_global, make it more cross-platform

Jason Dagit dagit at codersbase.com
Mon Oct 27 22:20:56 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 3:15 PM, Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 12:38:06 -0700, Simon Michael wrote:
>> > it would reduce the danger of me applying the wrong patch if you reply to
>> > the ones you amend with a reply-to-all
>> Thanks David, I'll try to follow that..
> This is one of the those cases where we need to improve our automation
> ratio.  Some way of helping us keep track of patch amendments would be
> nice, perhaps a patch tracker in the way Jason was suggesting.
> I realise that everybody is on-board on this one and doesn't need
> convincing, but I just thought it would be useful to point out again
> a concrete case of something that could be fixed by infrastructure...
> all in due time :-D

I think we have the infrastructure already if we just started using
it.  CC'ing the bug tracker with patches would get us most of the way
there.  I seem to recall someone objecting to this recently when
someone actually did it though.  I can't recall the details off the
top of my head.


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