[darcs-users] darcs patch: code clarification (and 1 more)

Reinier Lamers tux_rocker at reinier.de
Mon Oct 27 23:52:04 UTC 2008

On Monday 27 October 2008 12:53:44 Eric Kow wrote:
> More Haskell comments.  Again, it may be useful for somebody else to
> look into the actual logic behind the code...

The logic looks fine: if a file is not in the pristine or pending state, it is 
not in the repository.

> +       if exist then do (rec, pend) <- slurps
> +                        when (not $ or [(slurp_has fp rec),(slurp_has fp
> pend)])

Have you looked at co_slurp to create one slurpy instead of checking two 
slurpies? That's what the code in Darcs.Repository.Internal does when it 
checks the current repository state.


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