[darcs-users] Sphinx or reST (for user manual)?

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Wed Oct 29 01:24:07 UTC 2008

> >>>     darcs get http://repos.worldmaker.net/darcs/sphinx/

I tried this. 

I'll note that I also had to install "python-dev" for Sphinx to install. 
To build the docs, it was just:

 cd doc/manual
 make html

The output was attractive and functional. I did notice some of the drawbacks

 - an extra "make" command beyond the top-level one
 - no single page output (that I noticed) 
 - no PDF output (currently) 

I still see merits with both approaches, raw reST and Sphinx. I would suggest
that people continue to work on whichever approach they prefer for the next
week or two, and the situation may clarify itself.

Both camps can still cooperate a good deal by agreeing on the style guidelines
for docs that Trent has outlined in doc/manual/HACKING.txt. So far I haven't
noticed anything objectionable in there. 

I'm interested to hear feedback from others who contribute to the docs and
maintain the build and the deployment systems.


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