[darcs-users] darcs.net home page proposal

Christian Kellermann Christian.Kellermann at nefkom.net
Thu Oct 30 14:46:40 UTC 2008

Hi Guillaume!

* Guillaume Hoffmann <guillaumh at gmail.com> [081030 15:36]:
> * addition of the page http://progg.free.fr/doc/patch.html that really
> shows why darcs is superior in usability . OK the mockups are ugly,
> because I don't know how to make animations, but they give the idea.
> The "Branching and Merging" one is very important to me, because this
> is what disappointed me in the other systems (they make you create a
> merge patch). There is at last a mention and a link to patch theory
> explanation.

I have to say that I really like your idea! And I agree that the
website could be more userfriendly. I am sure your help is more
than welcome for the people on this list! One thing though: I am
not sure but I thing the "get" part in your mergin animation should
read "pull". Other than this I like your mockup and I hope I will
see this more often :)

Kind regards,


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