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Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Wed Sep 10 09:47:48 UTC 2008

News and discussions
1. Venues confirmed for the darcs hacking sprint, 25-26 October.
   Brighton and Portland are CONFIRMED; Paris is likely.  Come
   hack with us!
   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2008-September/013575.html

2. Planning darcs 2.0.3.  We have started making steps towards
   a release for the end of September.  Eric thinks we are only
   a buildbot and couple of bugfixes away from a prerelease.
   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2008-September/013516.html

3. Darcs patch theory.  Ian Lynagh continues his patch theory
   research.  He has written up a nice explanation and a working
   prototype of a darcs-like patch theory.
   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2008-September/013611.html
   * http://urchin.earth.li/~ian/theory.pdf
   * darcs get http://code.haskell.org/darcs/minidarcs
   * darcs get http://urchin.earth.li/~ian/theory

4. Retiring GHC 6.4.  The darcs team would like to know if anybody
   is still using GHC 6.4 to compile darcs, so that we can focus on
   later versions (6.6 and 6.8).
   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2008-September/013659.html

Thanks to our patch reviewers for this week for giving David a hand!

- Jason Dagit
- Trent Buck

Issues resolved in the last week (7)
issue844 David Roundy
 * darcs doesn't guarantee always to compress patches.
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue844

issue924 Eric Kow
 * test for QuickCheck2 in disttest
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue924

issue1015 Ganesh Sittampalam
 * workaround internal API change on Windows in GHC 6.8.3
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1015

issue1037 Dmitry Kurochkin
 * compile with -D_REENTRANT.
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1037

issue1049 David Roundy
 * undo lazy patch bundle scanning.
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1049

issue1050 Eric Kow
 * Disable haskeline by default.
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1050

issue1063 Eric Kow
 * Wrap pwd in cygpath in shell tests.
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1063

Patches applied in the last week (72)
2008-09-08 David Roundy
 - don't define pipeliningLimit if we don't use it.

2008-09-08 Dmitry Kurochkin
 - Add -[-no]-http-pipelining options, disable pipelining by default for curl < 7.19.1.

2008-09-08 Eric Kow
 - Do no word splitting after expansion in pwd-based shell tests.
 - Resolve issue1063: Wrap pwd in cygpath in shell tests.

2008-09-07 Nicolas Pouillard
 - Apply Eric suggestions on tests/binary.sh

2008-09-08 Eric Kow
 - Remove old ChangeLog entries (before 2.0.2).
 - Replace old ChangeLog entries for 1.0.3rc1.
 - Do not recompute ChangeLogs from darcs 2.0.2 or before.
 - Make binary.sh test more robust wrt spaces in filenames.

2008-09-07 Nicolas Pouillard
 - Add a test for binary patch files.
 - Update the memo about running test at record time

2008-09-06 Matthias Kilian
 - No -v option to cp(1)
 - Fix the gzip test for OpenBSD's gzip

2008-09-06 David Roundy
 - update web page to point at both stable and unstable branches.

2008-09-05 Jason Dagit
 - bug fix for amend-cancelling.sh test
 - add test for amending a depended upon patch

2008-09-04 Dmitry Kurochkin
 - URL.hs: print debug message when wait_next_url starts.
 - URL.hs: fix race condition in copyUrlWithPriority and waitUrl.

2008-09-05 Eric Kow
 - Fix advice to get QuickCheck 2.

2008-09-05 David Roundy
 - revise advice to indicate darcs check over make disttest.

2008-09-02 Jason Dagit
 - Add Repository IO monad, RIO.

2008-09-05 Eric Kow
 - Makefile: offer advice on record --no-test
 - Switch test pref to make disttest.
 - Allow make disttest to run without the configure script being present.
 - Resolve issue1050: Disable haskeline by default.
 - Resolve issue924: test for QuickCheck2 in disttest
 - Makefile: Tidy up disttest.

2008-09-04 David Roundy
 - relocate issue1057.sh to bugs/.

2008-09-04 naur at post11.tele.dk
 - Test for issue 1057: pull fails to report "Can't pull from current repository" when pulling via symbolic link

2008-09-03 me at mornfall.net
 - Remove [DarcsFlag] use in (most of) HashedIO, HashedRepo API.
 - Remove a few unused [DarcsFlag] parameters from HashedRepo and  Repository.Internal.
 - Replace [DarcsFlag] with Compression in HashedIO Slurpy.
 - Add data Compression to Darcs.Flags.

2008-09-04 Eric Kow
 - Replace Maybe Bool with custom tri-state type in patch selection code.
 - Roundup integration: avoid changing the bug topic.
 - Provide DARCS_KEEP_TEMPDIR hint in testing README.

2008-09-04 me at mornfall.net
 - Haddock speculateFileUsingCache.
 - Remove the obsolete release/debian stuff.
 - Refactor Cache's handling of hashed paths. No functional change.

2008-09-02 David Roundy
 - convert mv.pl into shell.
 - clean up ShowRepo a tad.
 - add type witnesses to new functions.

2008-09-01 Ganesh Sittampalam
 - resolve issue1015: workaround internal API change on Windows in GHC 6.8.3

2008-09-02 David Roundy
 - add another debug message.
 - fix bug in handling of corrupted pending file, and in test.

2008-09-02 me at mornfall.net
 - Make clean_hashdir take a list of root hashes and use it in repair.
 - Add HashedRepo.readHashedPristineRoot.
 - Make the "hashed" repair use pristine.hashed for its work.
 - Add Repository.replacePristineFromSlurpy.
 - Resolve conflicts.
 - Fix checkPristineAgainst{Cwd,Slurpy}: we ignored files missing in pristine.
 - Only "update" (sync to disk) the slurpy every 100 patches.
 - First working (albeit slow) version of repair that uses hashed newpristine.
 - Add Repository.checkPristineAgainstSlurpy.
 - Haddock the {slurp,write,sync}HashedPristine functions in HashedIO.
 - Change type of subdir parameter in Cache/HashedIO functions from String to HashedDir.
 - Rename hashSlurped, slurpHashed and syncHashed to writeHashedPristine, slurpHashedPristine and syncHashedPristine, respectively.

2008-09-01 Ganesh Sittampalam
 - autoconf terminfo support

2008-08-29 me at mornfall.net
 - Optionally replace curses binding with "terminfo" from hackage.

2008-09-01 Dmitry Kurochkin
 - Resolve issue1037: compile with -D_REENTRANT.

2008-09-01 zooko at zooko.com
 - add makefile target "disttest" which does the script currently stored in _darcs/prefs/prefs

2008-09-01 David Roundy
 - add fortran .mod files to boring.
 - resolve issue1049: undo lazy patch bundle scanning.

2008-08-31 zooko at zooko.com
 - tests: quote the repo variable in mv.pl so that the test will work when PWD has a space in it
 - tests: silence unnecessary warning output from running tests
 - ChangeLog entries: ignore a minor patch which has the string "warning" in it
 - ChangeLog entries: ignore all patches with the string "ChangeLog entries" in them when generating ChangeLog entries
 - ChangeLog entries: ignore a minor patch which includes the name "warning" because it makes buildbot think that the build step is emitting a compiler warning

2008-09-01 David Roundy
 - resolve issue844: darcs doesn't guarantee always to compress patches.

2008-08-30 Eric Kow
 - Add test case for issue844.

2008-09-01 Alex Lance
 - Fixed typo: "view this patch in *fill with the pager".

2008-08-31 David Roundy
 - don't show ssh stderr output unless we're passed --debug.

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