[darcs-users] announcing darcs 2.0.3pre1

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Thu Sep 18 06:15:58 UTC 2008

Hi everybody,

I am very pleased to announce the first pre-release of darcs 2.0.3,
available at http://www.darcs.net/darcs-2.0.3pre1.tar.gz

This pre-release includes a few major bug fixes and a handful of
interesting features.  I expect darcs 2.0.3 to be more reliable than its
predecessors.  We have better HTTP support, safer handling of the
pending patch and a more solid implementation of common flags (for
example, darcs get --to-match or darcs diff --patch).  For more details,
see the attached list.

So what are we working on to get darcs 2.0.3 out the door?  Aside from
the usual testing, I hope that we can round out our improved reliability
with a few small user interface enhancements, mostly to help users avoid
some common pitfalls of real world version control:

 - issue53:   detection of Windows reserved device names
 - issue971:  hashed darcs check
 - issue1003: more tolerant darcs-transfer mode
 - issue1039: detection of seemingly unrelated repositories
 (see http://bugs.darcs.net for details)

In the meantime, please give darcs 2.0.3pre1 a try and let us know
how things go!


Eric Kow <http://www.nltg.brighton.ac.uk/home/Eric.Kow>
PGP Key ID: 08AC04F9
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  * New Feature: Optional readline-like functionality when compiled with the
    haskeline package (Gaetan Lehmann)

  * Bug Fix: No more spurious pending patches (issue709, issue1012, David

  * Bug Fix: darcs get --to-match now works with hashed repositories
    (issue885, David Roundy)

  * User Experience: Catch mistakes in _darcs/prefs/defaults (issue691, Dmitry

  * User Experience: Improved support for darcs send over http (see also
    tools/upload.cgi) (Dmitry Kurochkin, David Roundy)

  * Bug Fix: Recognize user at example.com: as an ssh path, that is, not
    requiring a path after the server component. (David Roundy)

  * New Feature: Accept an optional directory argument in darcs send
    --output-auto-name (Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * User Experience: New --no-cache option to help debug network issues
    (issue1054, Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * Performance: New --http-pipelining and --no-http-pipelining flags. Passing
    --http-pipelining to darcs can make darcs get and pull faster over HTTP.
    Due to a libcurl bug, this is not the default option unless darcs is
    compiled with libcurl 7.19.1, due 2008-11. (Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * Bug Fix: Eliminate hanging and crashes while fetching files over HTTP
    (issue920, issue977, issue996, issue1037, Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * Security: Fix some insecure uses of printfs in darcs.cgi (Steve Cotton)

  * Bug Fix: Handle filepaths in a simpler and more robust fashion. This fixes
    relative filepaths and recognition of symbolic links and avoids possible
    future bugs (issue950, issue1057, David Roundy, Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * Bug Fix: Make darcs diff --patch work even if the patch is within a tag
    (issue966, darcs 2 regression, Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * Quality Assurance: Extend use of Haskell's GADTs to most of the darcs
    code, fixing many potential bugs along the way (Jason Dagit, David Roundy)

  * Quality Assurance: Several improvements to darcs code quality (Petr

  * Bug Fix: Correct assumptions made by darcs about Windows file size types
    (issue1015, Simon Marlow, Ganesh Sittampalam)

  * Bug Fix: Support case insensitive file systems using hashed repositories
    in darcs repair (partial issue971, Petr Ro?kai)

  * Quality Assurance: Simplify building darcs on Windows by optionally using
    the zlib and terminfo Haskell packages (Ganesh Sittampalam, Petr Ro?kai)

  * User Experience: Better error reporting when patches that should commute
    fail to do so. (Jason Dagit)

  * New Feature: --match "touch filenames", for example --match 'touch
    foo|bar|splotz.*(c|h)' (issue115, Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * User Experience: Improve debugging and error messages in HTTP code (Dmitry
    Kurochkin, David Roundy)

  * Bug Fix: Ensure that darcs responds to Ctrl-C on Window, even if compiled
    with GHC < 6.10 (issue1016, Simon Marlow)

  * New Feature: darcs changes --context now also works with --human-readable
    and --xml-output (issue995, Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * Bug Fix: Always darcs send with context, as if --unified flag were used
    (was implemented in 2.0.2, but not consistently) (David Roundy)

  * Bug Fix: Make sure that darcs get --tag works even when the user hits
    Ctrl-C to get a lazy repository (Dmitry Kurochkin)

  * Quality Assurance: Improvements to documentation and online help, most
    crucially, user-focused help on upgrading to darcs 2. (Trent Buck, Lele
    Gaifax, Simon Michael, Max Battcher)

  * New Feature: darcs changes --number associates each patch with number,
    counting backwards (see the --index feature) (David Roundy)

  * New Feature: ability to match patches on index, for example, darcs changes
    --index=3-6 shows the last three to six patches (David Roundy)

  * User Experience: slightly reduce the verbosity of darcs pull --verbose
    (David Roundy)
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