[darcs-users] Goodbye Darcs

Kirill Smelkov kirr at mns.spb.ru
Fri Sep 26 17:17:53 UTC 2008

It all started when I first read about you in LWN article back in 2004:


Then, after reading your manual, I was charmed by simplicity and principles
behind you, and like always with something elegant and beautiful, there was
just no way not to use you -- you were the best at that time!

In NAVY project we were using you since early 2005, and I want to say thanks
for helping us and bringing distributed development and interactive patch
recording UI to reality. And also for being one of the bright live examples
which always encourage people.

You were really useful and I believe you helped NAVY project a lot and helped
us to produce better code, and also I have to say I personally enjoyed using
you very much!

        Thank you, Darcs!

But you've aged. Good ideas behind you were adopted by youth, and like it very
often happens with experimental peojects, you've just had to hand on the baton
to others. There are signs of you everywhere.

Goodbye Darcs,
You'll stay in our memories for good...

  Kirill Smelkov on behalf of the NAVY team.     ~,  ^^             |
                                                 /|    ^^         \ _ /
      .--.  .--.                                / |\           -=  ( )  =-
    ._'   |/   :.-,             ~^~ ^ ^~^~ ~^~ ~=====^~^~-~^~~^~^-=~=~=-~^~^~^~
   |  `'.-;-.;`  .'
  /    \.'.'.'/    /                         "The sun setting
  '-._.;`'-'-';---'  ,  />                      is no less
  jgs /   /|   \'-.  \\/(                     beautiful than
      `--' `-.-'   `\|_.-'                    the sun rising."

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