[darcs-users] Data Integrity

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at theingots.org
Thu Apr 9 13:33:20 UTC 2009


I tried using Monotone for a while, but I have now gone back to Darcs. I 
just find it so convenient to make change A, then B, then C, and then 
decide I want to modify or delete A and I can just do it. It's great!

But I do wish that Darcs had the integrity guarantees that Monotone has 
(and apparently Git and Mercurial too). Does anyone know if there has 
been any work in this area? It looks like a difficult problem. If you 
can re-order patches, as you can with Darcs, I can't immediately see how 
you can make a checksum that will work correctly whether a repository 
has patches AB or patches B'A'.

You /could/ make it so that all patches are digitally signed. So, if you 
download patch A, Darcs might modify it into A' before applying it, but 
you can at least verify that A was written by Daniel Carrera because it 
has his signature. Anyone know if that would be a difficult feature?


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