[darcs-users] Passing on the RM hat.

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Tue Aug 4 12:56:09 UTC 2009

Hi again!

Now that darcs 2.3 is released, I would like to pass on my release-management
duties. In other words, we are looking for a volunteer for the RM
hat. (However, may the need arise, I will tend to the 2.3 branch and make 2.3.x
point releases myself.)

I have served as RM for last 2 major releases. It's been a demanding job,
although much of that comes from the transition to Cabal we have now
successfully finished. The future release manager should be able to focus on
the actual release management -- our build system is mostly done and working.

Once we have a volunteer, I will document the technical part (basically
creating source tarballs) of the release process on our wiki. Other than that,
the release manager's duties are to prepare (and enforce) release schedules,
write release announcements and update the NEWS file.


PS: There are two reasons for this: I would like to split my previous RM time
between getting buildbot working (see my previous mail) and working on darcs
code. Moreover, I believe that the to-be release manager will have a great
opportunity, in their new job, to get more deeply involved in darcs
development, which is only a good thing.

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