[darcs-users] buildbot once again

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 11:11:44 UTC 2009

On 04/08/2009 13:36, Petr Rockai wrote:
> Hi all!
> Our current buildbot [1] setup is virtually unmaintained (I can count 2 working
> slaves) despite the pleas [2] to fix [3] the situation [4]. Since this is the
> case for over 6 months now, I have decided to set up a new buildmaster [5] and
> started working on getting up some maintained buildslaves. So far I have 32 and
> 64 bit Debian stable, running the distribution's GHC 6.8.2. I will likely be
> able to also add GHC 6.10.4, again on 32 and 64 bit Debian.
> The other critical bit for a useful buildbot is windows slave(s). Now if
> someone steps up, that would be very welcome (but I don't quite expect that to
> happen... surprise me!) -- we need at least one hardware-based win32
> setup. Probably in a month or two months time, I will be able to attempt
> getting this running on a Windows Vista box in our laboratory. I will also try
> to add a virtualbox-based Windows XP install. This should cover our windows
> bases, more or less.

If it's not too hard, I could try adding a darcs buildbot to our GHC 
Windows buildbot machine.  Supply me with a list of instructions and 
I'll attempt to follow them :)


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