[darcs-users] New argument for symlink support

Henrik Hjelte henrik at evahjelte.com
Tue Dec 1 21:09:01 UTC 2009

At least I have not seen it mentioned at the deferred ticket
"wishlist: manage symlinks under version control".

The absence of symlink-support makes it impossible to migrate a lot of
repositories to darcs from other revision control systems. Adding a
script that manages symlinks (like update-symlinks.sh) script is not a
solution for that.

Or in other words: If you want users, it must be possible to migrate.

Personally I think this is the weakest spot of darcs. A critical
feature. It can not be an uncommon wish to standardize on one version
controlling system only, then you need to be able to migrate from
others to darcs.

Sorry I can not help with implementation, but I just wanted to bring this up.


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