[darcs-users] Help with the wiki

Jason Dagit dagit at codersbase.com
Thu Dec 3 18:26:52 UTC 2009


Recently I wanted to use the wiki while I was offline.  It's great that
darcsit makes this possible, but I ran into some problem areas.  Perhaps
someone can help me?

1) When I wanted to edit a page locally, the text box that holds the page's
markup was empty.  I opened the corresponding .page file in emacs and pasted
the contents into the browser window and edited there.  This allowed me to
see previews and just generally use it has a wiki.  But why do I have to
bootstrap the editing process by copying out of the .page file?

2) Once I had my local edits queued up and I wanted to share them, I
couldn't figure out how to push them.  I (ab)used my patch review account to
darcs.net to figure out where the wiki's repo is located and tried a push
but I didn't have permission to modify the wiki repo so the push failed.
Since I can apply patches from the web interface I don't really see the
point of sending the patches to darcs-users so I avoided configuring
sendmail or attaching the patch in my email client.  I ended up pasting my
local version of the page into the darcs.net wiki and hitting submit.  Since
I only had edited one page that was "okay" but suboptimal.

How can get push access to the wiki and is there a fix for #1?  (maybe I
should use scp to get a copy of the the wiki instead of darcs get?).

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