[darcs-users] best place to publish some darcs tips?

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Sun Dec 6 02:43:28 UTC 2009


I've accumulated several darcs tips I'd like to share, but I'm not sure where the best place to put them is. 
The manual? The wiki? A series of blog posts? 

Let's start with a specific case. Where could these practical uses for "darcs changes" best be shared?
Trent, suggestions?


Reviewing Recent Changes

`darcs changes` has a very useful interactive mode, that allows you
to step through the patch history one patch at a time:

    darcs changes -i
    darcs changes --interactive

One you enter this mode, you'll see you can press "?" for further
interactive help. I find the feature to "view patch in full with pager"
particularly useful. In this way I can browse interactively through
the change history, and then "zoom in" on a specific patch.

### Show me just the last 5 patches

    darcs changes --last 5

### Show me all the patches that touched file.txt

    darcs changes file.txt

### Show me just the last patch that touched file.txt

    darcs changes --max-count 1 --file.txt



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