[darcs-users] git-darcs-import - howto base4

Sittampalam, Ganesh ganesh.sittampalam at credit-suisse.com
Tue Dec 8 13:25:29 UTC 2009

Marc Weber wrote:

> Right now darcs appear to be a burden to me because I have to
> maintain it as well when working with many haskell packages. 
> Today I spend some more time improving the hack-nix system. Now I can
> even fetch and update darcs libraries automatically. 

That sounds pretty nice, and is something I was thinking of playing with
at some point for automatically building darcs in multiple

> However one point is bothering me: darcs is using base-3 by default.
> Using most up to date versions on hackage there is no solution to
> build darcs without tweaking many .cabal files. This is all due the
> base-3 constraint. So what about dropping it and going base4? What's
> the reason for not having done it yet?  

I hadn't actually even noticed the issue, to be honest. I guess because
darcs is normally used as an application it doesn't typically bite.

> The patch file I posted earlier already contained a quick hack using
> CPP to use Control.Exception or Control.OldExceptions depending on
> base version.  
> It seemed to work. However there is anther alternative: Using
> extensible excpetion package from hackage. Then the new Exceptions
> can be used with  
> base3 as well AFAIK.
> What do you prefer?
> How would you make darcs work with base4 ?

extensible-exceptions is the best solution, IMO - it centralises the CPP
hackery in one place.

We should definitely fix this constraint and I'll try to prioritise
reviewing any patch that does it.



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