[darcs-users] [patch111] Contribute vc-darcs.el for Emacs VC support.

Dave Love bugs at darcs.net
Thu Dec 10 13:44:13 UTC 2009

New submission from Dave Love <fx at gnu.org>:

Wed Dec  9 23:22:06 GMT 2009  Dave Love <fx at gnu.org>
  * Contribute vc-darcs.el for Emacs VC support.
  The Emacs maintainers rejected the Darcs support (despite supporting
  the other major free VCSs) :-(.  Distributing it with Darcs makes it
  reasonable to drop support for old Darcs versions later and possibly
  take advantage of additional features to support it, but means we have
  to track incompatible changes in Emacs.
  Please take care only to include changes covered by an appropriate FSF
  assignment/disclaimer, though, in case it ever can get into Emacs.

files: contribute-vc_darcs_el-for-emacs-vc-support_.dpatch, unnamed
messages: 9584
nosy: darcs-users, fx
status: needs-review
title: Contribute vc-darcs.el for Emacs VC support.

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